Advanced Fitness Technology for Apple Watch

Note: Our Apple Watch app requires that you bring your iPhone with you on your workouts, and does not support standalone use. However, if you would rather not carry your iPhone with you, use the Workout app on your Apple Watch to record your workout, and use Import from Health to import the workout into our app.


Fully Configurable

Intensely Engineered

Cyclemeter, Runmeter, and Walkmeter now support the Apple Watch, with advanced fitness technology that is powerful, fully configurable, and intensely engineered. The most advanced applications for cycling, running, and exercise walking are now the most advanced fitness apps for Apple Watch.

Get Started

Put your iPhone in your pocket, and set up your workout from your Apple Watch. Choose your activity and route. Turn Stop Detection on or off. Manage your sharing with Email updates, Facebook, Twitter, MyFitnessPal, Strava, and dailymile.

Then tap on Start, Stop, or Lap from pages with buttons. Also, on any page you can force touch to bring up a context menu to start, stop, lap, or manage settings. You’re on your way.

Beautiful Gauges with Zones

Our apps for Apple Watch feature intuitive and beautiful gauges displaying speed, pace, heart rate, step cadence, cycle cadence and power. Each gauge includes a ring of zone colors that span zones that you control.

In addition, if you drag any gauge page upward, more stats are shown. By default, we show trailing split, current and previous split, and current and previous interval. All of these are configurable, so you can have easy access to any statistic you want.

Track Any Of 220 Statistics including Weather

Track any of 220 statistics, from speed to calories to power. Display your splits and intervals. Know your trailing split average speed. Anything you can measure, you can improve.

Own your Zones

Zones have been completely rewritten in our iPhone apps to take them to a new level. Zone editing requires about half the number of taps as before, and we’ve added colors that help you identify your zones in Apple Watch pages, and also in our new Workout Explorer.

Zones can be tracked for speed, pace, heart rate, step cadence, cycling cadence, and power.

Stay Notified of your Progress

Our apps for Apple Watch provide the deep control over notifications. Set up notifications for time, split, intervals, and targets. Haptic feedback in Apple Watch will give you a tap during your workout, and viewing the Apple Watch will then automatically show you your stats in a notification.Notification pages are separately configurable, allow you to get real-time feedback on the data you want. Whether it is your current pace, or your split average pace, or your split average heart rate, or your cadence, any stat you want is available on your wrist.

Research and Share your Success

With our new Workout Explorer (formerly called Run Links or Online Workout), you can explore your workout and also share it with friends, family, and coaches.

If you enable Email Updates, Twitter, Facebook, dailymile, or Strava, a link to the Workout Explorer is included. Your data is updated every few minutes during your workout, giving your family and friends the peace of mind knowing where you are. You can also view the online workout right on your iPhone on the Info page for a workout.

Hover over the graph to see where you were on the map at the time. Click on any of the zones to see your map rendered in color using zone colors. Now you can easily review your performance, mile by mile and zone by zone.

Take the Workout Explorer for a spin with real data from the Bay to Breakers race in San Francisco.

Powerful and Configurable

Every stat, every page, and every zone can be configured to your liking. Add, delete, or reorder the pages. Turn notifications on or off, and configure time and distance settings.

Simply go to More > Apple Watch to see and change your Apple Watch options.

Cyclemeter, Runmeter and Walkmeter Available Now!

Our Apple Watch app is automatically included with our iPhone app. Free users can access a single page as well as a Glance page. Elite users have access to all the Apple Watch capabilities listed above, as well as all the advanced capabilities provided with Elite.

Support for Apple Watch is included in version 10.4 and later.